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Do you have a Gmail E-mail Address?

Welcome to the premier fan site for Google’s Gmail e-mail service! We offer tutorials and links that help you get the most out of your Gmail e-mail service. Anyone can signup for a FREE Gmail e-mail account for personal and/or business use. If you have your own domain name you can setup Gmail to power the e-mail service for your domain. For more information on how-to setup Gmail on your own domain, read this article.

Gmail E-mail on Your MobileEver since Google went public in 2004, they have been untouchable in the search engine field. Google has continued to release useful free services to the public and their stability is evident. Choosing Gmail for your email provider is choosing the best and best of all it’s 100% FREE! If you don’t already have a Gmail e-mail address why not give it a try and sign-up today?

History of Gmail E-mail

On February 7th 2007, Google launched Gmail to the public. Gmail became an instant hit with internet users worldwide and it’s popularity still continues to grow to this day. From the start Gmail has been known for generous mailbox storage limits. In 2007, it started at one gigabyte per user and now in 2016 the limit has increased to 10GB per user. If you sign-up for Google Apps and run Gmail on your domain you will have 30GB of storage per user. For all levels of service, Gmail offers IMAP and POP access to your account free-of-charge.